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Customer Reviews

“We bought our gorgeous golden retriever (Maple) from Lorna in September 2020, she was in excellent condition and had thankfully had all her required injections and we received all the required documentation on the purchase of Maple including her microchip number. We found Lorna to be a very honest person who cared a great deal about her dogs and we would not hesitate in referring any future interested customers to buy a dog from her.”

Martin and Susan

“We collected our Labrador boy puppy (Freddie) from Lorna in February 2022, we chose him over a zoom call as we live 3.5 hours drive away, the zoom call with Lorna was very friendly and professional, we wanted a play mate and companion for our 11 month old Boxer girl (Bella), she is a bit of a pain with smaller dogs on walks so we were concerned how things would go but were told by several people that Labradors were the best dogs to go with Boxers. Lorna is very professional and very helpful and always there to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Bella has taken to Freddie and Freddie has taken to Bella with no issues at all, they adore each other. We can’t thank Lorna enough for the amazing little boy we now have and our Bella now has her best friend forever, he is a very chilled little boy. Lorna also dealt with the microchip change of owner so we didn’t need to, all we can say is Thank you so much Lorna and your family for everything and I can 100% recommend her for her amazing puppies.”


“We bought our pup Zuko from Lorna in June 2021, Lorna was very knowledgable and had all the paperwork for Zu’s vaccines, microchip and contract. Zu was purchased to be my Assistance Dog for my disabilities and he’s been absolutely perfect since day one; we recently did a trip to Disneyland Paris and Zu absolutely thrived there! With a mixture of his training and breeding he’s the perfect partner. Lorna has helped to give me independence with Zu as a working dog, but also an amazing family dog. I live at home with my parents and three siblings ageing between 7 & 19 and our other four dogs and Zu thrives as a family dog as well which is equally as important to me as him excelling as a working dog. When Zu retires I will be going back to Lorna in hopes she’ll allow me to have another one of her amazing puppies!”


“I purchased Bondi from Lorna just over a year ago. Lorna gave me plenty of advice on the breed of dog and helped me decide that a Labrador was the dog for me. Lorna sent me regular updates from when Bondi was born, I was lucky enough to go and meet the beautiful litter of puppies and choose Bondi. I also met his mother and father who were both lovely dogs with lovely temperaments. This has honestly been the best decision I made. Bondi is a gorgeous, obedient, loving dog. Don’t get me wrong we have had our moments, he can be very mischievous and naughty at times but this makes him the wonderful dog he is. When he was young Lorna was always on the other end of the phone to give me advice if there was anything I was worried about. A lot of people comment on how lovely he is, in terms of temperament, behavior and being so obedient. He  loves people and other dogs. I would highly recommend Tynywaun Kennels for a professional, well kept and having a love for their animals. Thank you so much for helping me make a very positive life decision to welcome a dog into my life.” 


“Highly recommend if one is looking for a beautiful and 100% healthy dog. Lorna is breeding with the upmost care, knowledge and the wellfare of her dogs which reflects in those wonderful puppies.
The puppy I got is just my dream come true.”


“Duke is an absolute treasure and so well behaved from day dot and has been the perfect mix of independent and cuddle monster we wanted. We can’t thank you enough for giving us this beautiful boy honestly.”


“I highly recommend Tynywaun kennels if you’re looking for a lovely dog. We decided to surprise our young children with a puppy last summer, we chose a golden labrador from Lorna who we named Celt. Six months later we decided to get Celt a little brother and we went back to Lorna and chose a golden retriever who we named Guto. They are beautiful dogs, excellent company for each other and brilliant temperament with the children. Our family is now complete.”